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FH Flow Heater

Once the system has been filled, the liquid level requires no monitoring (in a closed system) and there is no risk of contamination from dust or particles in the air. Flow heaters are widely used in conjunction with corrosion-resistant heat exchange coils for controlling the temperature of tanks containing corrosive liquid.


  • for circulation through open and closed systems

Ambient + 5 to 80°C operation

Stability to ±0.004°C

Digital setting and display


  • Temperature control unit, miniature heating chamber and pump, all housed in an outer case, with inlet and outlet pipes at the rear

Design features

  • Units are compact and designed to take up the minimum of bench space
  • robust, with powerful pumping so they can equally well be located beneath the bench
  • constructed from corrosion resistant materials particularly important if anti-freeze is to be used

Specifications :

Temperature range Ambient +5 to 80 oC
Stability (DIN58966) ± 0.004 oC
Temperature setting Digital
Temperature display LCD
Display Resolutions 0.1 oC
Heater Power  220-240V 0.75 kW
Overall consumtions 220-240 V 0.85 kW
Liquid flow rate max. 19 L/min
Pump head pressure @ 0 L/min 2.2 metres
Overall Dimensions l/w/h 340/205/140 mm
Safety temperature Adjustable cut out
Electrical Supply 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

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